Monday, 25 February 2013

New home part 1

I have moved into my new Australian home officially on Sunday.
It was another stressful move....... this time on the other side of the city, not another part of the world :)
Goodbye unit.....hello new home!
I love my new home but still lots to do, organise, unpack!
Work/deadlines are keeping me busy so I will try and see if I can take some snaps of my new home. 

Here is my latest purchase, a beautiful 60's table that I have been waiting for a long time purchased in a secondhand shop here in Melbourne. 

The orange chair is another 60's find from a Scandinavian shop in Melbourne, my husband bought the 
chair for me. It is still in its original orange colour fabric, it's a Fritz Hansen chair

I will get back to you very soon with more pictures.
Have a great week!

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